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Natural, organic and sustainable Chilean mussels (Choritos)

Produced and cultivated in the Chilean Patagonia, from where they travel to the rest of the world.

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We're the largest mussel growers in the world

With more than 1.500 hectares of cultivation, which is equivalent to 70,000 tons of mussels.

To get this wonderful, all-natural product to your table, it is carefully cultivated and processed, balancing the gifts of nature and modern sustainable technology. This is how St. Andrews, the world’s largest mussel producer, produce, harvest and export our mussels from the fjords and oceans of Chiloe in Chilean Patagonia to more than 60 countries and five continents around the world.

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We invite you to discover the flavour of Chilean Patagonia. Our mussels, all natural and organic, thrive in these virgin waters and from here they travel the world so you can taste our delicious, healthy and sustainable mussels.

Chilean Mussel (Choritos)

Did you know that Chilean mussels are one of the most sustainable sources of protein?

Mussels provide a large amount of nutrients and are generally low in calories, have low levels of cholesterol, a high percentage of phospholipids, triglycerides rich in Omega-3 and essential fatty acids (DHA and EPA). This makes them perfect for taking care of your health, even more if they are from an organic origin. In our presentations you can find them: whole, Half shell and Meat

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The protein with the lowest carbon footprint

At St Andrews we take charge. We are always looking to be more efficient and sustainable, so we work to mitigate our carbon footprint, water consumption and CO2e emissions throughout our production.

Less CO2

Mussels do not need to be fed, they feed on the phytoplankton present in the water column where they grow, which is a great advantage over other proteins.

Less Water

The mussels do not need to be fed during their cultivation cycle, resulting in a smaller water footprint.

Cooked and Frozen

Our products travel by ship, generating less CO2e emissions than those proteins transported by air.
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We invite you to meet us!

We invite you to meet us! Discover the flavour
of the Chilean Patagonia.
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